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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin and some of her Ethics Violations.

Why would Luther Strange open a case on Lockhart when she and two other woman met with one of his agents well over two years ago and hand delivered documents that reflected serious ethics violations committed by Sheriff Ana Franklin and others.  Strange took no action against Franklin.  Does Big Luther condone ethics violations?  Isn't Ethics Violations against the law?  Sheriff Ana Franklin has boasted for years that she has Luther in her pocket.

Franklin tried to get a indictment in Morgan County and possibly elsewhere against both Bradley and Lockhart and her attempts failed thus far.  What will she try next?  The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has no investigations going on in regards to Bradley and Lockhart.  So! Why is John Venegoni following the whistleblowers?

Sheriff Ana Franklin has gotten herself into the biggest spin zone that she has ever been in before.  Franklin has had more Federal Lawsuits than most of the larger metropolitan areas, as well as counties, in the State of Alabama.  Are all of these folks wrong as well?  It appears that Franklin has never taken responsibility for anything in her life.

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