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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin and her thugs did what? Pictures of the break in later today

Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin had her Drug Task Force raid the office of one of our bloggers last evening.  The story they used to get a warrant was that they were looking for drugs.

They did not leave a copy of the warrant.  They broke into the building through the front door of the facility.  They did not find drugs but here is what they did take.  They took all of the public domain records accumulated by one of our bloggers.  They took all of the information that pertained to Lynn Layton and his son Jeff Layton.  They took all of the public domain information pertaining to Greg Steenson, Steven Ziaja, Sheriff Ana Franklin, John Vinegoni, Alyssa Franklin, Timothy Alan Hall, Derek Sheats, Erika Sheats, Bones Wilson, and Nicholas Martinez who died because of what we believe to b neglect at the Morgan County jail and medical staff.  They took all of the public domain information associated with the Performance Auto Sales and/or the Title Marts.  Performance Auto Sales is the business that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Alabama Law Enforcement Officer Steven Ziaja, Alabama Law Enforcement Officer John Vinegoni, and Morgan County Drug Task Force Officer Bones Wilson invested in.  All of the Greg Steenson information that has not been released that associated Greg Steenson with these folks was taken.  Too late Ana you did not get the good stuff.  Do you really think we would have left critical information in an office environment of one of our bloggers?.

We understand they accused the warden, Leon Bradley of providing us with documents pertaining to Mr. Martinez.  Did we mention that the Martinez family has a federal lawsuit involving Mr. Martinez' death?

  Last but not least they took all of the office computers.  Drugs hum!

Two attorneys who happened to be passing by noticed what was going on.  They stopped to watch the keystone cops.  The keystone cops are such chicken shits that they did not know what to do so they went to where the two attorneys were parked and asked them what they were doing.  Can you believe that?  Then they call sheriff Ana Franklin for guidance.  These brave officers are experts in the performance of their jobs.  Yea Right........

Folks, you cannot make this stuff up.  These folks are not drug traffickers and have assured us they will take polygraphs to prove it. They are hard working folks that like us saw wrongdoing from the Morgan County Sheriff's Office and took action.  They know all too well what Franklin and friends are capable of.  Franklin's office settled a Federal Lawsuit with this family as well.

Drugs! Drug trafficking is Sheriff Ana Franklins' excuse for confiscating all of the office computers to include two thumb drives and a tablet.  Franklin is determined to destroy each one of us. Franklin and her thugs broke into a multi-million dollar business after duty hours in an attempt to destroy a credible and reputable small business.  This woman-owned minority business employees approximately 30 employees.  Franklin's thugs took away the business owners ability to operate and their company confidential data along with a computer that has critical software that cost thousands of dollars, and housed the critical information regarding the millions of dollars worth of contracts.  Again, there is no drug trafficking data on those computers.

Oh! did I mention that these idiots did not break into the office safe?  If you are a drug trafficker you are not going to leave the drugs out where any keystone cop has easy access to the goods.  The safe was not touched.  The funny thing is beside the computers and the electronic media the keystone cops took it was all public domain information about the Morgan County Sheriff and her involvement with things other than her real job.  Maybe somebody should conduct hair folic test, and pee test on Sheriff Ana Franklin and the thugs mentioned above.

Just this week a nasty divorce case settled between the Stovers.  Richard Stover is the FOP president. Stover's attorney Christy Miller tried to involve some of our whistleblowers in the case.  Why! Sheriff Ana Franklin wants to know who all of the whistleblowers are so that she can shut them up.  Richard Stover is the thug that Sheriff Ana Franklin tried to hire when she first took office.  The county commission refused to allow the hiring because Franklin did not have a slot for Stover.

One of the companies employees previously worked for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office all of his personnel records were taken.  Why!  Why would the Morgan County Sheriff's Office take the company owners information?

Folks this is pure and simple desperation on the part of Sheriff  Ana Franklin.  We plan on selling the movie rights to this one.

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