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Friday, October 28, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin accuses Warden Leon Bradley and Glenda Lockhart of Computer Tampering

Example of Damages to just one of the Straightline Drywall PCs did we mention the most critical PC to the operation:

This shared from Straightline Drywall.  The estimating PC was damaged there was a USB memory stick in the PC when it was returned to the attorney's office and then to the Straightline Drywall Information Technology Group.  When the IT specialist removed the USB device part of the USB port fell out as well.  Upon closer inspection, both USB ports on the front of the PC have their pins badly damaged.

Now! Do we believe for one minute the IT specialist Sheriff Franklin hired to run the Forensics on the PC's damaged them?  The answer is no.  Do we believe Sheriff Franklin and her thugs damaged the equipment?  You better believe we do.  Our sources told us that the PCs was cloned twice in the sheriff's office before they were turned over to the IT group Franklin hired.  Furthermore, the sheriff had Justin Powell place a hacking tool on Lockhart's personal computer and home computer on or about 28 September 2016 in a local fire department.  Two witnesses observed Powell hand over the hacking tool on a thumb drive to his informant.

Of course, Franklin wants you to believe the Secret Service was involved.  She is hiding behind the blue line.  She is the most disrespected sheriff ever in Morgan County, a crook, a liar, and a thief.

One of the CPUs is missing the backup hard drive.  The faces are broken on some of the PCs.  Franklin is full of hatred because the whistleblower caught her in her dirty deeds.  Get over it Ana you got your butt whipped by a 20-year-old concerning the installation of Keylogger software.

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