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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Secret Service

  So, in reading the Decatur Daily it appears that the Secret Service was involved on at least a limited basis.  Ana obviously called in a favor. That is pretty interesting.  We wonder if they got to look at the computers before they were tampered with by the same people who illegally put keylogger software on Glenda Lockhart's home computer and on the computer she used for the blog in her business (Sept 28 and 29th) prior to any search warrants (Oct. 5th).  We bet the Secret Service had no clue that the Sheriff and her thugs like Robert ( Bones ) Wilson and Blake Robinson had committed these blatant criminal acts.  We don't blame the Secret Service any more than most others that have been fooled by the deceit the Sheriff and her thugs have become so good at.  It is obvious they were good at it and because of their positions, many believed them.  Now, many are seeing what an embarrassment they are to the Sheriffs Office and its employees and to the citizens of this county and beyond.  The plot gets even deeper.  What happened between Oct. 5th and the 14th, when an outside agency or private business picked up the computers, hard drives, or CPU's?  The hard drives were cloned at least twice before the IT group picked them up. By who and why did the computers get damaged and destroyed? We doubt the Secret Service or their affiliates would damage them.  In a case that Ana had claimed they won, Barney said it would be up to at least two weeks possibly before the computers could be returned, while in court.  However, with testimony about to be given from the person coerced to install the keylogger software, the proceedings were stopped and the computers could magically be given back by 2:00 that afternoon.  This case is not over and much more yet to come.  Too bad the computers were basically useless when they were returned, which has been well documented.  These computers were received by a lawyer and then IT professionals prior to their return to Glenda Lockhart's business. Wonder if the Criminal Defense attorney will have to deal with these obvious contradictory statements by Ana's high dollar attorney the taxpayers are paying for?  There are more contradictory statements like the questionable at best statements about State Forensics being used, at least at that time.  This was a win for Ana how?  I certainly don't understand how she even attempts to spin that.  Some of the public may try to believe the lies and spins of Ana, but most who know what is going on certainly do not.   Wouldn't it be nice if they would just call it quits?  It's all a futile waste of time and taxpayer money that could be much better spent rebuilding the Sheriffs Office once these thugs are gone.  All of these agencies Ana claims to have involved including ALEA and some of its agents that have been involved need look not much further than the transcripts of court testimony already given to get a real glimpse of what is going on versus Ana's deceitful spin.

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