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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Search Warrant and More

Two attorneys observed the search of the property of one of our own.  Bones Wilson made a point of driving away from the scene of the search to question two attorneys that were observing the raid. We can't help but wonder why the chicken s**ts that call themselves employees of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office used flashlights instead of turning on the office lights to the office. That's OK! A lot of stuff is recorded on tape and audio. 

Past employees are also being harassed and we hear that Ana plans many more raids. 

We are also hearing that the reason Franklin had her goons break into one of the whistleblower's office was to gain information to help in her defense.  Ah! breaking people's first and fourth amendments rights isn't the way to go about collecting information.  The Sheriff's Office Claims that we have gained illegal access to the Sheriff's Office internal information.  Sheriff Franklin are you accusing us of going into your office and stilling MCSO data?  That is the only way we could have obtained information that proves you are an idiot, narcissistic, money grabbing crook, unfit for duty, dereliction  of duty, you stole money from the Special Needs, you have raped the sheriff's office, and last but not least you have committed fraud, waste, and abuse on an epic scale. 

Newsbreak Ana.  We are whistleblowers we do not steal information; we collect information from your employees as well as ex-employees.  You have no clue what we have.  It is pretty dumb of the keystone cops to come into an office and not raid the safe. 

We finally got a glimpse of the property list of documents and other valuables that were seized from one of our whistleblower's office.  

As you know by now all of the whistleblowers work on our efforts to notify the public of how corrupt Sheriff Ana Franklin is.  We also work for a living.  This particular whistleblower runs a successful business.  On the side, the whistleblower conducts research for an attorney.  

The information that was taken from the whistleblower's office is critical to a case(s) involving the Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Was Franklin's attempt to gain access to the whistleblower's office an attempt to tamper with evidence in an ongoing lawsuit?  We believe it was.  

Did Sheriff Ana Franklin's thugs gain access to the whistleblower's office before they went to the judge and got a search warrant?  We believe they did.  This part of what Franklin and her thugamuffins has done will have to wait a few more days to keep up with the blog.....

It is also interesting to note that most of the thugamuffins that searched the office happened to be key players in the Performance Auto Sales.  Blake Robinson made over $38,000.00 dollars cleaning cars for Title Marts on county time.  Bones Wilson aka the dog killer invested $100,000.00 into the Title Marts.  Chad Smith's family bought cars from the Title Marts, and Sheriff Ana Franklin invested $150,000.00 dollars into the Title Marts.  

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