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Thursday, October 6, 2016


We have just gotten word from one of our sources that Franklin's drug task force office Bones Wilson told some folks that the reason they raided the business was because they were looking for documents.  No business documents was taken according to one of our own.  The only documents taken was the documents we previously told you about involving the whisleblower.

However, all the business office computers was taken.  So was it drugs, or was it about Sheriff Ana Franklin getting her hands on critical information she thought might help put her in jail? And if it wasn't about drugs why was the Drug Task Force used to do Sheriff Ana Franklin's dirty work?

We believed at one point that Franklin was so narcissistic that she wasn't afraid of anything.  Now we know what keeps Franklin up at night.  It's the WHISTLEBLOWERS that keeps Franklin and Friends up at night.  Glad we can help keep you up at night Ana.  

We are not doctors but we believe Franklin needs to be in a padded cell this morning.

Getting back to Mr. Martinez and the on-going federal lawsuit.  We have been told that Sheriff Ana Franklin claims that warder Bradley gave us HIPPA related documents.  We hope we get an opportunity for one of our own to take a polygraph on that trumped story as well.

Folks we have a lot of contacts within the Morgan County Sheriff's Office not once have we ever asked any of our contacts do do anything immoral, unethical, or illegal.  We do not desire to live the same kind of life that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Alabama Law Enforcement Officers Steven Ziaja and John Vinegoni, the drug task force officer Bones Wilson, Greg Steenson, and others within Franklin's circle has chosen to lead.

We hope to have a copy of the search warrant later today.  Even if Franklin and friends believed that Warder Bradley had furnished one of our whistleblowers HIPPA related information how does that constitute wrong doing from our standpoint.

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