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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rodeo Event and More

Folks, we hope the sheriff just participated in her last rodeo event, took money from special needs her last time, and has fired her last employee. Franklin the rodeo queen wannabe is washed up, washed out, and showing her age.  We believe that Franklin has finally lost her mind.  She is out of control.

Franklin has been very busy the past two weeks.  We have learned that when she is in town she is up to no good.  She told her employees that she did not care if she had any employees left that/ she would fire every damn one of them if they talked to the whistleblowers.

We have know for a long time how evil Franklin is and she has not let us down.  The people she has let down is the MCSO employees, the citizens of Morgan County, and all of the elected officials and county employees.

Franklin has crossed a line of know return.  Ziaja and Bones Wilson has crossed the line of no return.  When Blake Robinson first started working for the sheriff's office he was considered a very good guy.  Robinson is a good example of a thug. Frandlin and Ziaja flashed a little bit of Title Mart money his way and he became them.  He is corrupt and he made money off of Franklin's Title Mart business. Robinson has entered a point of no return.  Franklin has broken just about every law in the book.

The biggest fool of all is Steven Ziaja.  Ziaja sold his soul to a she witch and her coven of witches and warlocks there time is coming and hopefully it wont be as long as it has been.  Franklin and her friends are despicable and deplorable and we mean all of them.

Ziaja has lied to bankruptcy attorneys, his lawyer billable barney, and judges.  Now he is sweating it as is his partner Mackey. The owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Title Mart.  Ziaja expects to be arrested any day. We sure hope so Steven.  We hope so.

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