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Thursday, October 6, 2016

One of our own

Folks, we just found out that the Morgan County Drug Task Force also too a notebook that had the death certificates on one of the whistleblowers loved ones.

What does personal death certificate information and whistleblower background information have to do with a seizure for illegal drugs?

None of what we hear is making sense. The senseless act of Sheriff Ana Franklin has set into motion is not just about a person.  Sheriff Ana Franklin is trying to destroy a woman owned business.  A female business owner who has successfully done something that Franklin can never do which is to be a reputable female business owner or a sheriff.

Our whistleblower expects to be arrest for something.  We just do not know what.  Will it be for the whistleblower data?  Did the Drug Task Force representative plant drugs?

We believe that the drug task force committed a crime.  The did not leave a copy of the search warrant, and they took personal items from the property, to include research data that had nothing to do with anything remotely illegal.

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