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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin suspended another employee of color and more rumors

Folks, we have heard rumors that Sheriff Ana Franklin suspended another employee of color.  We hear that Sheriff Franklin suspended Warden Leon Bradley yesterday and initiated search warrants for his office and his home. Again all of this information is rumor that we are trying to confirm.

What in the heck is going on?  We hear that Bradley is  one of the most thought of employees in the sheriff's office.

We also hear the Sheriff Ana Franklin and Bones Wilson was holed up in her office yesterday as tight as ticks on a dogs back.  There in lies the problem.  Here lately we hear that if Franklin is in town she has Bones in tow.  Guess Bones conducted another one of his famous investigations.

Search warrants are serious issues.  Looking for criminal activity.  We kind of doubt that Bradley is involved in anything like that.  However, we have heard from several ex-employees that somebody should search Sheriff Ana Franklin's office for her hidden cameras and audio equipment that she uses when questioning, terminating, and forcing employees to resign.  Is that legal without a warrant?  Is it legal within a state or county office to record them without their permission or a warrant?  Most likely Franklin put the cart before the horse in this case as she has in many others.

Sounds like Franklin gets four employees this week.  We know her plans fell through on Monday.  Maybe this is her way of getting even but with whom? Why does Franklin has such a hard on for the whistleblowers?  What does she expect to gain?  Does Franklin hate to hear the truth about herself and her thugamuffins and thugamuffinetts?  You bet she does.

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