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Sunday, October 9, 2016

More of the same

Folks, it appears that Bones took the entire file on Jonathan Stebbins, Derek Sheats, Erika Sheets, Alyssa Franklin, but left the information our whistleblower has on Larry Berzett.  We have heard that she is through with Berzett and his entire family.  So what does these files have to do with official sheriff's office information?

Shouldn't Bones be fired for running NCIC checks on the two female attorneys that was setting in a parking lot a thousand or so feet away from where they were conducting there search?  What right did he have to question two women who was setting in a well lighted parking lot?

Franklin has her thugamuffins so well trained that they truly believe they are above the law.  They will do her bidding so that get get their puppy treats, they wage their tails to show there love an affection for there beloved boss.

We know how cold bones is since he shot a man in the back of the neck a few years ago.  Somethings never change.  One of the deputies told us he was baptized three times in the same year.  We can only assume that the first two did not work.

We recommend an exorcism.

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