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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More information in regards to a sloppy Morgan County Sheriff's Office Search Warrant

Code of Alabama - Title 15: Criminal Procedure Section 15-5-13 - Contents of return; copies to be furnished.

In his return of a search warrant to the judge or the magistrate, the officer serving such must specify with particularity the property taken, and the applicant for the warrant and the persons from whose possession the property was taken are entitled to a copy of the return, signed by the judge or the magistrate.

Bloggers Comments: 

Folks there is five people who work in the office that was searched.  There is no name of the subject or subjects targeted in the search?  Why?  Was the search a free for all?  The property that was taken came out of three individual offices.  Each person had a specific job.  Each person has a unique login and password.  This search and the property seized was nothing but a witch hunt.  No names, no evidence number, no file number, no location number, no time of the search warrant, and no chain of custody.  Hum!

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