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Monday, October 17, 2016

Missing Computers (Day 12)

This just in.

It's been 12 long days since the quasi-legal snatch 'n' grab at the business when members of the Drugged Task Farce broke down a door and took every computer they could find.  And took them to an undisclosed location.  Evidence room?  Nah.  Chain of custody?  Nah.  Somebody's garage?   Hmmm.

It's odd that J T, a self-styled power user and hacker, missed the raid but has not been seen since.  It's also odd that Ricky Brewer, the IT guy, has been shut out of this operation.   It's also odd that Ana is 'unavailable' (see the previous blog) and Billable Barney is tap dancing as fast as he can around Judge Thompson, explaining the delays.  Meanwhile, none of the data is safe from loss or tampering.   Does anybody trust these guys?  Can anybody spell Gestapo?

How long is the charade going to continue?  Until Ana destroys a company?  Until all the whistleblowers are arrested?  Till the thugs doing surveillance get tired of it and want to go back to law enforcement?

In other news.

Not only did Ana miss the rodeo, all of her corrals were empty, her massive war horse a no-show as well,  and she continues to hide behind her badge to take vengeance against those who make fun of her (bullies can't stand that).  And Ann, who will pay your attorneys' fees when you know longer have access to the sheriff's office funds?  You could always sell your interest in the Title Mart business.

Also why is Ziaja lurking around Decatur when he should be in Lawrence County harassing convenience store clerks?

And what happened to Veragoni's Facebook page?  Poof!  It's gone. Too late, of course.

Looks like another long week.  Stay Tuned.

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