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Friday, October 28, 2016

Marshall County Major Crime Unit - Jurisdiction - Marshall County, Alabama

So who is MCMCU?  Is it the Marshall County Major Crime Unit in Guntersville, Alabama?  A non-profit organization made up of Law Enforcement of Marshall County, Alabama their jurisdiction is Marshall County, Alabama only.  So! Where is the Secret Service?  Is the fox in the hen house.  We sent you excerpts of the State Articles of Incorporation.  Unbelievable.

The group is made up of Marshall County Law Enforcement.  So how did they get Straightline's Computers?  Keep reading.  We do not see Morgan County, Alabama and surrounding counties on their Articles of Incorporation.

The National Computer Forensics Institute which is a training center and may also provide the tools.  The group partners with United State Secret Service, State of Alabama, Department of Homeland Security, and the City of Hoover.

It appears Franklin called the agency who recommended one of the organizations they trained.  Did Franklin verify that the company is authorized to take property for a potential crime in Morgan County and transport the hard drives to a non-profit organization outside their jurisdiction?

Why, would Ana and her cronies sit back and let all the nonsense of Alabama State Forensics and / or State Forensics be discussed in court when that was clearly not the case?  Surely, the exact wherabouts and timing of these events and storage locations will need to come out in court.  Are we asking questions we likely already know the answer to, only to see if the same spin comes out yet again?   Does the truth not matter even when addressing a Federal Judge?   Wonder if recorded interviews with local Media and or news articles with information misleading to the public would be of intrest in court?  Wonder, if Barney will make the same misleading statements in the Media or other related court settings surely yet to come.  Will Barney represent Ana and her cronies there?      

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