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Monday, October 31, 2016

How Did Sheriff Franklin Go From Rags to Riches

We have all been wondering how Sheriff Ana Franklin purchased three horse trailers and multiple vehicles from Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts and paid the house off on Williams Lane in such a short time frame.  How did Franklin invest $150,000.00 dollars in the Title Marts with Greg Steenson when just a few short months earlier she borrowed $5,000.00 dollars from the Title Marts?  How did Franklin receive a 1,200.00 campaign donation from the same company (Performance Auto Sales) she borrowed money from and invested $150,000.00.  How did she do that?  We know Franklin lied about withdrawing money from her State Retirement Funds and her savings account because she had to borrow money from Title Mart.  Franklin and Greg Steenson were tight way before the Title Mart debacle.  Steven Ziaja was tight with Greg Steenson as well.  Steven Ziaja and Franklin both found the money to keep Greg Steenson out of jail when he stiffed a little widow lady of approximately 40,000.00+ thousand dollars.  Who is calling these people out?

Where did Sheriff Franklin get $150,000.00 to invest in Performance Auto Sales?  Was it discretionary funds? Was it Pistol Permit funds?  Federal Inmate funds, General Office funds, Posse Funds, or did the money come from one of the many other sheriff's office accounts?

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