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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Here it is folks

The reason Blake Robinson went before the courts of Morgan County was to obtain evidence in the commission of a crime, TO-WIT Computer Tampering.

Folks we can and will take a polygraph to prove there was no computer tampering.  We can also do better than that.  This is something easily proven.

Definition of computer tampering:

A. An individual who acts without permission or goes beyond authorized use commitscomputer tampering when the individual: Accesses, alters, damages, or destroys acomputer system with the intent to commit or execute any scheme to defraud or take control of property or services by means of false promises or pretenses.

The picture below depicts the program that was placed on out home computer for the purpose of spying on one of our bloggers.  That computer has been protected.  The program was placed on the computer on September 28, 2016 before the sheriff's offices claim of computer hacking.  

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