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Sunday, October 2, 2016

From one of our readers

Larry Berzett has a new employee.  Hillary Smith the newest employee has been hired to be a secretary by Berzett.  This has Livingston highly pissed to the point he is out in public being heard fussing about how he is in charge and who does Berzett think he is hiring folks to work under him.  The secretary's are his domain and Berzett has no business in his territory.  Poor Hillary Smith, her days are likely numbered and hasn't even started her first day yet.  Unless, of coarse Livingston and the Berzett's last day happens to come first then the naive and unsuspecting Hillary Smith who has no idea what she's walking into may actually be able to stay.  Ms. Smith welcome to the dysfunctional world of the Morgan County Sheriffs Office and its fighting trio of corrupt leaders who cannot get along with each other Ana Franklin, Larry Berzett, and Ron Livingston. Good luck.

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