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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Excerpts from the Supreme Court rules public sector whistleblowers safe from job retaliation article previously posted

"Government employers have interests in prohibiting the disclosure of sensitive or confidential information, which may range from tax records and trade secrets to information about law enforcement sources or sensitive investigative techniques," the brief reads, arguing for a balance between the rights of government workers and the government.


We have never ask for or received any law enforcement source information from any of our sources within the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  We have never received any sensitive investigative techniques information or Sheriff's Office marked or unmarked documents confidential information from our sources.

So! Why was our whistleblower information taken?  Why was death certificates taken? Why was family pictures taken, Why was office computers taken? Why was people blackmailed?  

This just in.  As we all know Chad Smith is a horses ass.  Nobody wants to work with him.  Franklin has Smith working the rodeo with her even though he is supposed to be working his regular shift for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  Nobody wants to work with him.  His shift is shorthanded so what does the sheriff do?  She calls in off duty staff to cover his patrol.  Chief Corley is having to run calls.

The arrogance Franklin exhibits is disgusting.  Franklin has entered another new low. How low will she go?

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