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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Don't worry about the blogger

We are overwhelmed by the out pouring of support for Lockhart.  Lockhart is not leaving us high and dry.  She is an excellent researcher and she will be providing the whistleblowers with research data.  Lockhart is determined to see the whistleblower through and help stamp our corruption.

Please do not worry, all of you who have come so far and will be left in the cold.

Lockhart is frustrated that Franklin's thugs took boxes of office documents pertaining to  her business.  This was nothing but a witch hunt.  Franklin and her thugs knew exactly which computers was Lockharts and which was company based computers.  Remember Franklin and her thugs sent an "informant" into the business on September 28 to place a hacking tool on Lockhart's computer.  Sheriff Franklin knew exactly what she was doing by taking company computers and records.  Franklin's goal was to destroy a successful business woman and the business she owned.

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