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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Does Anyone Understand How The Whistleblowers Can Be Charged With a Crime?

What is Sheriff Ana Franklin so afraid of that she had hacking software illegally placed on a computer inside her company business and then proceeded to get a search warrant for the business 7 days later?  We know!  Could it be the mountains of information obtained from or about Title Marts or the funds misused from the Sheriff's Office?  Could it be that Sheriff Ana Franklin did not want the public to know that she had an inmate working at her home all hours of the night.  We find that very interesting since the inmate she had at her home is in the construction business.  We know him.  He told everybody that would listen.  In addition, we have his work release information that reflects strange times of the night he was on work release.  Could it also be that Sheriff Ana Franklin was looking for the documents and pictures we have of inmates taken at Judge Howell's house? Taken to the home
by none other than her husband Johnny Howell to perform labor type duties.

Could it be that Franklin does not want the public to know she hired her son-in-law Jonathan Stebbins as a corrections office and that he had criminal charges and convictions prior to his employment, and that he was in jail on the first day he was to report to duty.  Not to mention that Stebbins was arrested three more times during for contempt of court, and 3rd degree burglary during his six weeks of employment.  Did we mention that Stebbins was also assigned to weekend jail.  Did we mention that she bypassed the requirement of a high school education.

  Can it be something that would cause her not to turn the seized computers over to the State of Alabama Forensics as she has repeatedly made it sound?  Why turn them over to various private companies other than the government agency used for such things?  Did she hold the computers and look for or remove any incriminating evidence prior to turning the computers over to the different people they went through?

  Please stay tuned as there is so much more yet to come.  So many details that can not be put on the blog.    

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