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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dewayne Childers and The Rest of The Story, Maybe

Folks, there is generally three sides to every story.  Mine, yours, and the truth. Each of us involved in a communication and or overhearing other peoples conversations is generally right.  Meaning that each of us has our own interpretation of the communications we hear or are a part of.  Each of us walks away with our own perception of what we hear and others say.

Which brings us to Dewayne Childers.  We reported a while back on the blow up at the MCSO between Childers and Franklin.  We hear from some of our contacts that the stories we recently heard about Childers may only be part of the story.   Our sources tell us that there is a huge power struggle going on between the Acting Sheriff Larry Berzett and Ron Livingston.  Those two are a pair for ya.... Dumb and Dumber.

Some of our credible sources tell us that the situation between these two children has gotten so bad that Livingston takes his anger out on whoever he can.  In this case that may be Childers.  Our sources tell us that Childers situation at the school was blown way of of proportion and that the school wasn't as upset with Childers as Livingson was, and that Childers just happened to be near the fan when the s**t hit.

Now there is a rumor going around that the school was under lock down recently because Childers took a child some money into the school for one of the parents without going through the office.  I can see someone doing that and that the school would challenge you even if they happened to know you very well.  This is how easy it is because we are such a tight knit community.  I walked in the school a couple of weeks ago.  I knew to go to the office first but heck we all know each other, I walked in and went directly to the class room without a thought.  I was challenged by a couple of students.  I commend those students for doing the right thing.

Livingston I hear claims the school went on lock down.  School lock downs are very serious matters theses days.  I am surprised that we didn't hear about the incident on the news if it was that big of deal.  It seems a little extreme for the school to go on lock down if indeed the school had no problem with Childers and in fact supported Childers as their SRO.   Is this a ploy to fire Childers who just happens to be caught in the cross hairs of Livingston and Berzett's power struggle?

The two children caught up in this pissing contest, meaning Berzett and Livingston, need to grow up.  Leave the employees alone to do their jobs and stop firing the help.

This information sounds just like something Sheriff Ana Franklin, Berzett, and Livingston would do.  Our sources ask if this is just Livingston's egotistical behavior and a vendetta against Childers because Franklin has made Livingston all powerful.  We can't help but wonder what the truth really is and who's livelihood will suffer?  Soon more of the truth in this matter will be known.

When an organization becomes dysfunctional, very often because of absent or ineffective leadership at the top, you will find power struggles between competing factions, loss of morale, defections to other organizations, or open defiance of authority.  We believe that is the case of MCSO.  Sometimes the only answer to the problem is a thorough cleansing of the organization.  It won't be pretty.  But it may be necessary.

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