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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 13

Sheriff Ana Franklin is desperate to find something that she knows will put her in jail on one of the whistleblowers computers.

To speak a little redneck that perhaps Franklin can understand.  Anner it aint on them computers.  Do you and Billable Barney really believe we would place all of our golden eggs in one basket?  Do you really believe that what you got on one of our whistleblowers computers is all we have?  Well! Guess what Anner we have tons of information that will never been seen on the blog until after you have been arrested and get to wake up to the sweet smells of prison walls, we hear the food is wonderful, and the coffee is brewed just right.

Now for Billable Barney and Sheriff Ana Franklin's business relationship.  A while back a widow woman's husband died.  The lady knew Harold Jeffreys as the good and honorable man that he is.  The lady asked Jeffreys if she could sell her deceased husbands automobiles.  When the vehicles were sold, the honorable Greg Steenson kept the money, approximately 40K.  The lady went to Billable Barney Lovelace because she wanted to press charges against Steenson.  Billable Barney thought he could help.  Billable Barney called Sheriff Ana Franklin and discussed the matter with her.  Why?  Because Sheriff Ana Franklin had a vested interest with Greg Steenson and the Title Marts.  Her dad worked for the Title Marts and purchased multiple vehicles from the Title Marts, her daughter Alyssa worked for the Title Marts, and Sheriff Ana Franklin was part owner of the Title Marts.  Sheriff Ana Franklin personally hand delivered roughly $28,000.00 and check(s) from the Mackey Nesmith used car business signed by Steven Ziaja.

Our understanding is that Billable Barney did not run the property provided by him from Sheriff Ana Franklin through his law firm.  Billable Barney could not have a clue where that much cash came from.  Shouldn't the Feds and the IRS be questioning where Sheriff Ana Franklin came up with $28,000.00 cash to give to Billable Barney to keep her Title Mart Partner out of jail?

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