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Monday, October 10, 2016

Crime Scene Inside the Sheriffs Office?

  Why tape up an office within the confines of a secured area of the Sheriff's Office?  Why remove and wrap up filling cabinets belonging to one of the employees, when it is secured inside another office belonging to one of your main thugmuffins?   Is this some kind of fruitless effort or showboating trying to call out folks that are talking with the Whistleblowers?
  Do you all not realize how ridiculous this looks?  Another intimidation tactic?  We understand that these tactics of intimidation are not working to your advantage as well as they once did. Everyone who knows anything realize the absolute mockery being made of the Sheriffs Office by those who have lost all credibility they may have ever had!  The word is getting out!  Have you all bitten off more than can be chewed?  Has the information you have obtained been enlightening? You obviously found nothing of the nature in which you obviously mislead the Judge to believe would be there, having him sign a warrant.
  So what is next?  Do you not realize you are gaining more and more attention with all of your antics?  I don't think anyone can even imagine how long and costly civil litigation will likely be after this!
  We want to again remind our readers there are many well respected employees that remain at the Sheriffs Office. Our citizens can and should be proud of and will be able to trust and respect these valuable employees, when this comes to an end as we all hope will soon happen.  Hang in there as there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  

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