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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Comments from one of our readers

I've wanted to contact you for weeks now, but I just haven't had the words. I was hoping to wait to let the dust settle and to say something worthy. I know your response has been more than likely overwhelming because of the current situation. I've actually had some sleepless nights thinking about what Ana has done to you. So, I can't imagine how it's affected you. I pray for you daily. I've asked God to protect and guide you, I've asked your son to watch over you. I said this prayer the day before the raid and was dumb founded. God said it wouldn't be easy. The extra exposure helps people become aware of what you and I've known for years. I believe in Karma, but damn, it just can't come fast enough for her. Please know, I back you 100%. Know that my family and I support you. You're the true depiction of loyalty, fairness, and Justice. You've already suffered so much, sacrificed a great deal, yet, you never back down. You truly have an impeccable character that everyone should learn. What you've accomplished hasn't been in vain. I appreciate what you've done. If there is anything in my power that I can do for you. Call me.    P.S. I see your lawsuit will be paid through Meadowbrook insurance. We also have a lawsuit going via Meadowbrook, this company is a real piece of work. Ugh.

Blogger Comment, we will let Lockhart know that our readers care very much about what has happened to her and her business. Keep the comments coming.  We are sure that Franklin will shortly enter the spin zone again with more of her silly propaganda.

We would like to offer Sheriff Ana Franklin an opportunity to put up or shut up about investigations on Bradley and Lockhart.  If Franklin was truly conducting an investigation she should keep her mouth shut, get off of a horses ass, and conduct an investigation instead of putting out propaganda to try and destroy people and their businesses.  

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