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Friday, October 7, 2016

Comments from one of our readers

The DOJ and possible Federal take over of our state prisons is interesting. This is a complicated situation but does the answer not start prior to the state or Department of Corrections?  What about all the fraud waste and abuse at our county levels and in many cases even at the city levels? Where the laws of the state represent and support the politicians and sheriffs in the counties as well as their pockets or better, pocket books? How badly has corruption fraud waste and abuse set in?  What about the refusal of State level politicians who refuse to address the situations at hand of county corruption? The politicians and sheriffs have full time high paying benefits while the guys on the streets and roads of our state struggle with pay, lack of training and equipment in so many cases to adequately and efficiently perform their jobs.  I am not saying this is the case in every county of this state but, there are some if not many it does. The guys and gals on the streets are the ones who catch most of the flack from the general public.  The politicians waste the money on needless things and trips across the country and beyond.  Building up our forces on the streets and training them to be out there and make a difference while turning those who might turn to crime to a better way is the answer.  The criminal justice system is failing the state and others in this state and beyond.   Finding ways to prevent folks from entering the criminal justice system is the answer.  It's not padding the sheriff's and other politicians pocketbooks it's enabling the caring professionals of law-enforcement to do their job and hold people accountable for their actions. That doesn't necessarily mean writing a ticket or putting someone in jail as there is so much more that can be done. There is always room for taking a kid to mom or dad or giving a hurting person a  hug. How about feeding a hungry person on the corner? And above all what about praying for or with those in need, during their time of need.  Our Law Enforcement is so very much more from than they are given credit for and yet looked down upon and taken advantage of by the politicians and often citizens they serve of this county and beyond. There are however many citizens who openly support Law Enforcement.  Building up the boots on the streets is what matters not the politicians who are all to often corrupt, in so many cases, in that many are so full of greed and ego.   So, as long as this remains, things like the will always remain.  The citizens of this state need to proactively get involved as a community and always exercise the ability to get informed and vote.  These things need to be addressed and resolved long before outside agencies have to come in and address the failing abilities of our local government officials in so many cases. The answer to prison overcrowding is a very complex one that is big in the media right now, but it starts far before the prisons in this state.  People it is not so much about what others can do, it is about what we as individuals can do to help and be a part of our communities.

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