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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bradley fired as Morgan warden By Michael Wetzel Staff Writer Updated 6 hrs ago

Blogger Comments, Story Below:

Thank you Decatur Daily for an honorable report.  Bradley has more integrity in his little finger than Sheriff Ana Franklin has ever had in her entire life.  Franklin fired whistleblower Bradley because he is a man who has lived his entire life as an honest and gentle person.  Bradley saw corruption within the sheriff's office and, after several months of showing him the corruption that we found within the Sheriff's Department, he agreed to share non-sensitive information.  We stood by that agreement.  It could be that Sheriff Ana Franklin is upset with whistleblower Bradley because our Blog did not look favorable on Franklin and Judge Jennifer Howell.

Franklin intentionally did not go to Judge Jennifer Howell for the search warrant because Howell is as corrupt as Sheriff Franklin.  What kind of judge uses inmates that they have helped incarcerated to do labor around their home?  Franklin went to Judge Thompson because he is one of the most respected Judges in Morgan County.  Franklin knew that if she lied to Judge Thompson and showed him egregious sensitive information Judge Thompson would side with the State.

Whistleblower Bradley and many many other courageous MCSO employees have done exactly the same thing.  These men and women are hard working dedicated employees who have been under paid over worked, with limited resources because of Sheriff Ana Franklin's fraud, waste, and abuse.

As for Chief Deputy Corley having no idea what the allegations are against whistleblower Bradley, Chief Deputy Corley is a damn liar.  Franklin has made it known to everybody who works in her office what she alleges Bradley did.  As for Chief Deputy Corley taking over Bradley's duties, what duties?  Even Corrections Officer Kelso made decisions on the inmates that Bradley was not authorized to make to include personal visits between inmates and family members.  Look around the MCSO and tell us how many persons of color are left in the Sheriff's Office.  Sheriff Ana Franklin fires the people of color but if you happen to be a white man or woman chances are you will be allowed to resign.  As for Corley he can be seen at the Cullman County Cattle Sale on Thursdays and the Marshall County Cattle Sale on Tuesdays.  He tried to cover his tracks using Mike the repairmen's county vehicle at the maintenance shop to cover his tracks.  Corley has abused his position for years. Why hasn't he been fired?  Franklin and Corley are just alike; they are both corrupt.

We were receiving message after message of the reasons why whistleblower Bradley was fired which we will post.

Leon Bradley, a 13-year employee of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, has been fired as jail warden, according to county officials.
Sheriff Ana Franklin said Tuesday that Bradley “is no longer employed with the county. Chief Deputy Mike Corley will be handling those duties."
Bradley was in charge of more than 60 educational and church programs for inmates. He also handled inmate needs, Franklin said.
Corley said a “letter of termination” for Bradley was dated Oct. 13.
“Friday, she (Franklin) assigned me to step in as interim warden,” Corley said. He said Bradley was let go “due to an investigation” that had been ongoing. He said he did not know the subject of the investigation.
Franklin said she did not know how long Corley would serve as interim warden.
“I don’t expect any changes in day-to-day operation with the jail,” Corley said. He said he will continue his duties as chief deputy, also. He said his pay is not being increased during the interim.
“I am willing to carry out the wishes of the sheriff,” Corley added.
Franklin said jail administrator Larry Berzett handles the needs of the 106 jailers. The jail has an average daily population of 460 inmates, she said.
When asked why Bradley is no longer warden, Franklin said, “At this point, I can’t comment. ... Right now, we are managing what we have to manage and moving forward."
Bradley could not be reached for comment.
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