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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Comments from a private whistleblower bog reader:

Being a long time avid follower of the Blog it seems things have gone full circle almost. The Queen Thug Ana Franklin has gone from bringing in thugs like Ron Livingston and Larry Berzett to pulling in followers like Bones Wilson, Chad Smith and Blake Robinson. All while including her now infamous ex-boyfriend from the state and his band of clowns. The Sheriffs Office is absolutely falling apart. Completely divided with almost the entire honorable workforce on one side and Ana and her thugs on the other. They certainly seem to be going down fighting though. So much is still being destroyed as they fight all they can to destroy anything to do or thought of as having something to do with the Whistleblowers or anything standing in their way. The Sheriff and her thugs are by far failing our citizens in this county and come no where close to the bar of serving and protecting. No wonder so many are rising up against her and not supporting her efforts. Morgan County is waking up. The State of Alabama and beyond is waking up. Hopefully soon the Sheriffs Office will be freed from the corruption that holds it and the good honorable professionals that remain will get the support they need to be what it once was and more. It's a sad time for the Sheriffs Office and sad time for those who have fallen so far that the ones who were supposed to be peace keepers turned into greed filled criminals hiding behind badges spreading lies and deceit as they unsuccessfully try to cover their tracks. Now the one big question remains. When will this all end? Unfortunately, for whoever takes over this disaster, they will have their work cut out for them to get things completely back on track. Not only will it be difficult for the honorable people who remain working there, but to regain the trust of the citizens of this county and state. It would be in everybody's best interest if the current administration would just give in and walk away versus continuing to try to fight the inevitable. But I guess will have to sit back and see how much more damage they will do before they are out. For all of you who do stand for what is right and do your job as you were supposed to, hold your head high and know that soon you all will be able to be free from this cloud of deceit and evil that has taken over the Sheriff's Office. The many lawsuits have already started and the civil litigation will go on for years. The taxpayers and insurance companies will have to pick up the tab while the corrupt criminal actions of those following the Sheriff will likely read about it from the same side of the bars they have put so many others. How nice would it be if they just stopped and came clean for what they have done?

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Nicely said and thank you for the contribution to our blog.

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