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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blake Robinson and Confidential Informant

Folks Blake Robinson, Sheriff Ana Franklin, and Bones Wilson was beaten at their own game by a 20+ year old man.  Sheriff Ana Franklin has used her employees for nefarious and illegal acts since the day she took office.

Franklin's confidential informant turned the tables on her and gave her a very good dose of her own medicine.  How does it feel Ana when the criminal acts are on you.  You lied to the people, your employees, the county, and the courts so many times that you would not know the truth if it stared you in the face.  You claim you have the State Attorney General in your pocket.  Which pocket would that be?  Don't brag to people about your relationship with the State Attorney General Luther Strange and you have people in high places if you want them to arrest Lockhart and Bradley.  You never could keep your mouth shut.

How does it feel Ana, when the hunter becomes the hunted?

You must feel like a bunch of trapped corrupt cops in a game box.

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