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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Billable Barney Lovelace and Sheriff Ana Franklin

You cannot make this stuff up.  Billable Barney Lovelace and Sheriff Ana Franklin claim they do not know how to return evidence.  We believe it.  Since Sheriff Ana Franklin took office in January 2015 we have not heard from one person that told us they got their property back.  Especially pontoon boats, vehicles, campers, trailers, and weapons.  This is worse than the key stone.

Illegal software was placed on the computers.  Will the illegal software still be on the CPU's when they are returned?

These folks are prior military, prior Department of Defense, Department of the Army, and Department of Defense contractors.  They have seen the sloppy work of Morgan County Sheriff's Office and Drug Task Force.  The Key Stone Cops.  Sounds like these folks are more level headed than Franklin, Bones Wilson, Chad Smith, John Venegoni, Steven Ziaja, and Justin Powell.

The business owners went to dinner a couple of nights ago at a Hartselle hot spot and was surprised to see Justin Powell walk in with his family.  A very cute family.  Powell should have been thinking abut his sweet little family instead of kissing Franklin's ass and purchasing and providing hacking software to be used on business computers to collect so called evidence illegally.  Powell we recommend that you tuck your tail between your legs and run before the s**t hits the fan.  Powell needs to start thinking about how he will support his family within prison walls.  We are told that Powell had a very strange AW S**t look on his face when he saw a united family instead of a family torn apart by Ana Franklin's plan of retaliation, company destruction, and illegal activities.  Soon the AW S**t factor will expand to the rest of the thugamuffins.

In the mean time Franklin continues to put out propaganda about the whistleblowers having "Highly Sensitive" CONFIDENTIAL Sheriff's Office information.  What an absolute liar Franklin is.  If Franklin is so confident why is she calling people asking them if they had ever spoken to us.  Franklin claims she has a lot of investigations going on.  Barney Lovelace has demanded readily to know who the whistleblowers are.  Was Billable Barney involved with Franklin to try to obtain whistleblower information?  Should Billable Barney be the attorney making the decision about business computers and their release.

We would not be surprised if Billable Barney and Sheriff Ana Franklin hasn't cried foul and called there favorite friend in Montgomery on his private line.  The one and only Luther Strange.

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