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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Attention Morgan County Employees

Attention:  Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees.  Sheriff Ana Franklin claims to have three FBI agents at her disposal.  They may flash FBI looking badges, they may try to come down hard on you, and they may threaten you with jail if you do not speak to them.  We encourage each one of you to stop the interrogation at that point and call your local FBI office for verification.

Franklin claims to have an outside agencies coming in to assist her with a crime.  We can give her the telephone numbers to the DOJ, FBI, And the CIA if she needs assistance.  Of course we are not stupid the CIA will be of no value to Franklin as they only work Out Side the Continental United States (OCONUS).

Sheriff Ana Franklin has had an Information Technology Group that she periodically has come into the MCSO.  She claims they are State Forensic IT specialist.  The group is a privately owned IT group out of Birmingham.  Perhaps this time she will call the State Forensic Specialist.

We know we do not have to tell the employees this they work with the disgrace of the Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin everyday.

Gook luck folks and keep the information coming.

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