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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ana swears they will never get their computers back

Folks the whistleblowers were in an off site meeting yesterday.  Franklin and her off duty thugs, some from Jefferson County, have been following and watching the whistleblowers.  Now we know who they are.  We can assure you that they are not FBI agents.

How low will Ana go?  Since Sheriff Ana Franklin is lower than whale poop we really don't think she can go any lower.  She has so many weights on her we believe it will be impossible for her to resurface without leg chains and handcuffs.  Stover bought Ana a pair of pink handcuffs when she was elected in late 2010.  We doubt those cuffs will be used.

Another interesting movement is that Greg Steenson filed a $5,000,000.00 lawsuit against Harold Jeffreys.  We will re-blog the articles that reflects what an outstanding citizen Greg Steenson is in a bit.  Greg Steenson who was the middle man in an 8.5 million embezzlement of our local banks.  The same Greg Steenson that went to Federal Prison.

None of the actions that have taken place over the past two weeks has surprised us.  Two weeks ago Sheriff Ana Franklin and her thugamuffins chose to purchase key stroke hacking software, set up listening devices, and place these instruments in the home and office computers of the business they raided.  Franklin was unable to collect all of the gear.  The products and computers, backup computer data, and much more that we believe will clear the company and add additional charges to Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, Sheriff Ana Franklin and her ex-lover Steven Ziaja, and John Venegoni.

All of these actions have been pre-planned.  In Franklin's teeny tiny mind she somehow believes that she will get out of the cesspool that she is in.  She will come out one day next week and slam the warden with all kinds of stuff she has made up.  She will try to do the same to one of our own.  We have a little surprise for Ana and her thugs.  We did get our backups.  Plant what you will.  From the day September 28, 2016 the day you placed the hacking program on our computers you began a dissent into your own personal living hell which we hope last for at least 20 years in a Federal Pen.

We recall back during the Doug Key hearing that Sheriff Ana Franklin claimed to be out of town every time the Keys attorney scheduled a deposition.  Franklin would claim she had to attend at a death of a friend, a wedding, you name it.  We caught her at a rodeo and sent the picture to Key's attorney.  We hear the Federal judge personally contacted Franklin and her attorney Billable Barney and informed them the date of the new deposition.  We also heard that when Franklin spoke to the Federal Judge she was a total smart ass and told the judge she would try to be there.  We have heard that she lied to Billable Barney about her whereabouts.  That is debatable.  We believe that Billable Barney has taken direction from Sheriff Ana Franklin that was built out of lies and deception.  How many lives has Franklin destroyed?  Franklin has had more Federal lawsuits that any other sheriff in the State of Alabama.  Folks there is a reason for that.  Franklin is dirty to the core.  Our sources tell us that Ana is dead set and determined to destroy this company before she goes down and the rest of the whistleblowers as well.

The questions we have are; will Billable Barney be a part of something that is about to get very ugly? Or will he wash his hands of the trash at hand?

Reader Comments: 

She sleeps all weekend I've never seen anybody that can do it she pretends to work all week and she may actually truly be awake for maybe eight hours until Monday morning when she goes back to her pretend work only sometimes but she had made her mind up if this was going to be one of those weekends she snicks back in.  She lied to the warden that compute man from Birmingham is not from the state.  She has put out a add for temporary jailers.  The pay off for there is actually more than what the current full-time jailers are making. Some are considering quitting and trying to reapply which would be stupid because they would lose their benefits.

How low will she go?

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