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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ana and the Thugmuffins

Folks, we are learning that Sheriff Ana Franklin has likely made a ridiculous and completely false comment that one of the Whistleblowers wants her dead.   We have repeatedly maintained and stand behind the fact we in no way condone any violence of any kind.  We are pen to paper only.  The only real threat known, is here on this blog on a previous post by someone claiming to be John Smith in which he clearly threatened the life of one of the Whistleblowers.   The only other real threat is that it has become obvious that employees past and present and any others associated with the hunt by Ana and her thugmuffins to find who the Whistblowers or their informants are, are not safe in their jobs, workplaces or homes. No matter how illegal and / or immoral these intrusions are.  

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