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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ana and her thugs

Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin is feeling more like her old self these days.  She has stolen information that does not belong to her and she is releasing company confidential information.

We will not delete or respond to any more of her thugs on line.  We stated from the beginning that we can do something that she and her thugamuffins cannot do.  We stand by those word.  We can take a polygraph and prove that we are not the liars.  None of these lying, corrupt, and uneducated civil servants can say the same to include Sheriff Ana Franklin who claimed to have an all most BS degree.  That may be true since she is full of Bull S_ _ T.

You the readers must decide what you believe in and stand for.

More concerning is the inventory lists left by the keystone cops.  As you can see there was two pages of property taken from the whistleblowers office and there is no evidence number (1), there is no file number (2), there is no location where the property was obtained (7), there was no time (8), and there was no Chain of Custody listed (13).

Blake Robinson and Bones Wilson both uneducated, low life, degenerates who invested and scammed the owners of the title Marts is the best Sheriff Ana Franklin has to work with.  Well! they learned from the best.  They do not represent most of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office employees or Morgan County, Alabama as a whole.  We on the other hand have rights as private citizens.  These yo yo's have walked all over our civil rights as citizens, a business owner, and as a document runner for attorneys.

So! What does Chain of Custody mean?  There was no chain of custody established.  We have a little surprise awaiting the Sheriff and her thugamuffins.

Chain of custody (CoC), in legal contexts, refers to the chronological documentation or paper trail, showing the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical or electronic evidence.
Particularly important in criminal cases, the concept is also applied in civil litigation—and sometimes more broadly in drug testing of athletes, traceability of food products, and to provide assurances that wood products originate from sustainably managed forests.
Bones Wilson is the leader of the Drug Task Force, Blake Robinson is special victims (ask his wife about that one), and Widdle (not sure of the spelling is a road deputy.
We are citizens of the United States of American.  As citizens we wear our credentials proudly.  We do not deserve to be treated like this. As you can see by this Search Warrant these thugs was looking for "illegal MCSO" documents.  That is why the Chain of Custody is so important.  They lied to a judge, they came under the cover of darkness like a thief in the night, they used flash lights w/only the bathroom light on, and yes we have pictures and audio.  FYI that isn't the October surprise we have for them.  That surprise was left in the office.

Please keep reading the blog folks there is more to come. 

So why didn't these thugs properly perform their law enforcement duties?  Why didn't these thugs do what is lawfully required of them?  Because they are thugs and hide behind a badge.  They are above and beyond the law that they are sworn to uphold.  You decide.

We encourage Sheriff Ana Franklin to smile while she can.  One of these stuffed Animals may be all she has to keep her warm once she is in prison and wearing prison attire and flip flops.

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