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Monday, October 24, 2016 Reporting - Corrected - Corrected

Folks, we are proud to let you know that picked up on our story today.  We hope each and every person in Morgan County, Alabama knows that you have a 1st Amendment voice.  We are not intimidated by a sheriff that hides behind the blue line.  Sheriff Franklin is out today training the deputies.  This from a public official who targets a business for the sake of finding out who a whistleblower is.

Sheriff Ana Franklin claims that ex-Warden Leon Bradley failed to comply with Sheriff's Office Policy.  What Policy?  You may not be able to read the memo from Sheriff Ana Franklin but she rescinded The Morgan County Sheriff's Manual as of the day she took office on January 11, 2011.  Franklin will try to use the manual when it is convenient to her cause.  We are working to obtain a clear copy of the memorandum that Franklin issued to ALL employees rescinding the Morgan County Sheriff's Office Manual.

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