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Friday, September 23, 2016

Will the State Attorney General Luther Strange Hear Kyles Election Complaint?

Blogger Comments:

We doubt seriously Luther Strange did anything with the election complaint other than File 13 it.  Bowling is a friend of Ana's, Ana is a BIG friend of Luther Strange.  It appears in the big politics arena of the State it isn't the law that counts, it's who you know.

 File 13

In entertainment industry jargon, code for "the garbage can." Used when saying "throw this in the garbage" would be impolitic.
Put this script in File 13, would you?
by Eric Garling May 18, 2006 
Folks a lot of information was submitted to the State Attorney General, Luther Strange about Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Some information was hand delivered.  No action was ever taken.  Wow! That isn't exactly true.  The information was reported back to Sheriff Ana Franklin from somebody within the State.  Sheriff Franklin happily briefed the information she received back from the state in open staff calls.  What is the relationship between Franklin and Strange?  One thing is for sure.  Frankly, it is very Strange.  She promised she would never be arrested in the State of Alabama to some of her staff.  That may be true.  Perhaps she will be picked up in one of her hot spots such as Florida or Biloxi, Mississippi.

Now back to the Kyle story.  Bowling is the candidate for Mayor whom reportedly offered to funnel $200,000.00 into the sheriff's office to keep them going. 

Sometimes it is better to keep what you have instead of what you might get.  You definitely can't push big government to do the right thing.  Especially if it happens to be the right thing to do.   Big Luther couldn't even prosecute his own case against the Speaker of The House.  Big Luther cost the tax paying citizens over one million dollars because, well, he isn't much of a State Attorney General.  He apparently doesn't trust his own staff to get the job done. 

Much of the behavior exhibited by Tab Bowling sounds just like what Sheriff Ana Franklin did during her first and second term for sheriff.  I bet a lot of the female inmates would love to be Big Luther's best friend.  The question is, will he write to Ana once she goes to jail.  We will.

Decatur Daily,  September 23, 2016

Mayoral candidates still waiting on AG to respond to election complaint

  • By Bayne Hughes Staff Writer
  • Updated
A month has passed since Mayor Don Kyle filed an election complaint against opponent Tab Bowling, but there has been no response from the Alabama State Attorney General’s Office. 
The key figures in the complaint — Kyle, Bowling and City Clerk Stacy Gilley — said this week that no one from the state office has contacted them to investigate the accusations.
“You would think I would be one of the first people they would call, but I haven’t heard anything,” Gilley said.
Attorney General's Office spokeswoman Joy Patterson said her office will not comment on any complaint or investigation.
Bowling received 48.3 percent of the vote in the five-man municipal election Aug. 23. He faces Kyle, who received 23.94 percent of the vote, in the Oct. 4 runoff.
Kyle said he filed the complaint on election day through the attorney general's website and followed up with the state a few days after the election. The office confirmed it received his complaint, but he hasn’t heard anything since.
“I feel like they will take it up in their own due time, but I don’t believe there will be any implications on the ultimate outcome (of the election) based on the lack of consequences included in state law,” Kyle said.
Kyle said he will not push the state to move on the case.
“When you try to push big government, you won’t get anything,” Kyle said.
After confirming he also hasn’t been contacted, Bowling referred inquiries to his attorney, Greg Reeves.
“I don’t know what the AG office's time frame is,” said Reeves, a former councilman. “And I think it would be bad to assume anything about their lack of response.”
Kyle accused Bowling of violating state law on the morning of the municipal election at the Decatur Baptist Church precinct in Southwest Decatur.
Among those accusations were that Bowling was wearing his campaign shirt while participating as a poll watcher, that he was campaigning too closely to the polls and was taking photos and videos of himself and his wife inside the precinct.
After receiving complaints on election day, Gilley told Bowling he could not be a poll watcher and admonished the poll supervisor for allowing the candidate to be sworn in as a poll watcher.
Reeves said state election laws can be confusing, but he doesn’t believe his client broke the law.
“I couldn’t find (in state law) where there was any prohibition against what he (Bowling) did,” Reeves said. “In my opinion, there weren’t any rules violated.”
Reeves said the Alabama League of Municipalities attorney agreed with him. The league did not respond to phone calls from The Decatur Daily. or 256-340-2432. Twitter @DD_BayneHughes

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