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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Will the real Ana please stand up?


Franklin has had a good run.  She ran the MCSO her way.  We can't tell you how many folks we have heard make excuses for Franklin.  Folks blame Larry Berzett for "changing Ana".  Sure Berzett was ordered to pay thousands of dollars back to his great aunt that he and another relative thought belonged to them.  Fortunately the courts were looking out for Berzett's great auntie.  According to one of our sources he did a little partaking with the posse funds as well.

You cannot blame Berzett for changing Ana.  By nature we are what we are.  Franklin apparently has more faces than The Three Faces of Eve, written around the 1957 timeframe.  Matter of fact the book is recommend reading for Franklin.

Franklin claims to hate coming to work.  We know it isn't just because the sheriffs office is broke.  She didn't go to work when the money was flowing into the sheriffs office.  We know that Franklin loves money and truly enjoyed being the sheriff when the money was flowing, the posse had money flowing in, the Federal inmate fund was bringing in a chunk of change, and the pistol permit funds was abundant.

It is possible that Franklin does not have enough money right now to even head out to Mobile.  One question we have for Franklin is how does it feel to live paycheck to paycheck like most Morgan County citizens do.

Franklin has been busy ensuring MCSO employees that she has their backs in the Title Mart debacle.  The question is who has Franklin's back. it is really hard to tell.  She boasts of her relationship with the state and national sheriffs association, the State Attorney General, Luther Strange, and Governor Bentley.  We seriously doubt Bentley has anything to do with her.  She is just another sheriff.  Franklin's motto isn't 'ask not what your country can do for you'.    It's 'Ask what you can do for me!'  It's all about Ana.

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