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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why hasn't Sheriff Franklin posted and Congraulated the Decatur, PD

Folks, you heard it here first when Primus was recaptured by Decatur PD.  Did you notice that there was no fanfair.  The Decatur PD has no reason to broadcast their captures.  They do not need the fanfair.  The reason is because actions speak better than words for their department.

Why hasn't Sheriff Ana Franklin posted the recapture of Dyron Rashad Pirmus by the Decatur Police Department?  We believe that Franklin is pissed that she did not get credit for the recapture other than maybe Channel 19 News.  We can see Franklin spiffing up for her appearance for the lights, camera, and action.  She made sure she was in town all spiffed up and ready to race away from the fair due to an urgent call.  She probably notified the press to let them know that Primus' capture was imminent to please stand by.  Then they next thing she knows Pirmus is back in the loving arms of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office with no fanfair and no media present.

Franklin is probably waiting for things to cool down again she can place Primus back on trustee status.

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