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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What we want is JUSTICE

Folks, we want justice.  We want it real bad.  We want the people who have taken advantage of the good employees of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office to pay.  We must be patient and let the system work.  We have sat and blogged day after day, week after week, and month after month.  We can make a difference.

We have a voice and at some point people are going to listen.  Sheriff Ana Franklin, the Berzett's, and the Goodwin's are riding high right now.  Larry has taken over the jail and caused many of good folks to leave because of his bullish behavior.  What do you expect from a man who took money from his Great Aunt's estate and had to be forced to pay the money back.  That in itself should have disqualified Berzett from eligibility to work for the sheriff's office.  Then we have reports that Berzett walked up to a desk after a posse event and picked up a wad of money, stuck it in his pocket and walked out with it.  Folks, the person who observed this account can take a polygraph and pass it with flying colors.  Berzett's behavior reeks as a common thief.  Now we can go further with the posse events and attire that was paid for out of the posse funds, the horses, the gear.  How much?  We have no clue.  We can tell you it has been a lot of money.  What about the special needs?  What special needs?  All the people around the posse are healthy.  A shame and a disgrace.

Now to the Goodwin's.  Dee Goodwin is a contractor employee who drives a sheriff's owned vehicle, has a gas card, and wears MCSO attire.  Hell! Goodwin looks more like a sheriff's office employee that Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Again, all expense paid trips complements of the posse.  The Goodwin's rent.  This tour of duty for the Goodwin's must seem like a never ending Christmas.  Both Goodwin's have county vehicles, posse attire paid for compliments of the posse or the Morgan County Sheriff's Office, and all the perks of being Ana's friend.

Sheriff Ana Franklin has three Morgan County Sheriff's Office vehicles at her disposal to travel all over the U.S. even though most of the travel has nothing to do with the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  Franklin uses the MCSO vehicles to travel for days and weeks at a time to visit her latest boyfriend Charley Turner in Mobile.  Franklin has spent thousands and thousands of dollars for her posse attire, horses, equipment, lavish trips for her family, friends, and thugamuffins that work for her.  Sheriff Franklin is a disgrace to the badge she is supposed to wear. Sheriff Franklin is a disgrace to the position of sheriff.  Sheriff Franklin is a thugamuffinett who browbeats her employees, screams, rants, and raves until she gets her way.  Franklin spews out F Bombs like a sailor at sea.  Franklin has no respect for the MCSO employees who have kept the sheriff's office going through the years, months, and days that Franklin is absence from duty.  The deputies are ill equipped to serve their county due to employee shortages, lack of equipment, very few dash cams, and no lapel cameras.  The one million dollar plus Franklin received through military surplus has been used for her "special events, parades, and was bought without though of the necessities that was lacking in the MCSO.  

Sheriff Franklin out right lied during the last audit.  Franklin's private accounting firm provided a compilation report that looked nothing like the books that Franklin sent us for review, nor did it look remotely like the official books that went to the state auditor.  We admin we are not accountants but we can add and subtract.  

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