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Friday, September 16, 2016

What has happened to the posse arena and all the pretty horses and more

Folks, it has been mighty quiet at the posse arena.  Makes you wonder of Franklin has stopped horsing around due to lack of funds.

No need to worry. Franklin. 1 October 2016 is just around the corner.  Get your "the money is mine all mine" list ready.

Once the funds start coming in you will be able to gear up the posse, travel, set up more special events and let the likes of your leaders such as Larry Berzett partake.

By the way.  Does Larry have a new truck?

Speaking of money.  We hope you are leaving the food funds alone.  We have heard some rumblings from family members of inmates that they are not getting nutritional meals.  If you recall the incident with Sheriff Bartlett, that does not set well with the Federal Judge who signed the decree.  How long has it been since Southern Poverty Law group has been in your jail?

We have also heard that for the past three weeks Franklin has been in and out of the Sheriff's office.  That is unheard of.  The sheriff goes months at a time as a no show sheriff and now all of a sudden she is making almost daily cameo appearances at the jail.

Franklin seems to be excited about the possibility of money coming in.  Franklin, we do want to remind you that the MCSO deputies need training, equipment, dash and body cameras, pay raises and or incentive bonuses, and much more.  Maybe you could sit down with your staff and let them give you their must have list.

Last but not least did you and billable Barney ever work out a time that the mental health advocacy group could inspect the Morgan County Jail.

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