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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Split but only so far

Folks, Steven Ziaja and Ana Franklin may be split but that doesn't keep Franklin from cleaning Ziaja's clock for having the pictures showing Title Mart vehicles at her house.  Sorry about that Ana but we already have the pictures downloaded.  Franklin and Ziaja's involvement with Greg Steenson was a disgrace during the time they gave Steenson several hundred thousand dollars to invest in the Title Mart.  We hear that both Ziaja and Franklin are still involved with Steenson today.  That does not sound like people who are angry over someone who misappropriated or down right stole your money.  Steenson cheated many Morgan County citizens out of their hard earned money.  Three to five thousand dollars for a vehicle may not sound like much to some folks.  However, to a lot of folks who purchased vehicles at the Title Mart and trusted the smooth talking crooks like Ziaja, Steenson, Alyssa Franklin, and others this is no laughing matter.

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