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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin

Folks, Franklin did not even make a cameo appearance at the MCSO this week.  She and Charlie were in town over the past three weeks.  We can't help but wonder how his office feels about him driving the Mobile County vehicle into Morgan County.

Franklin has so many vehicles around her house it is hard to tell which vehicles are Morgan County, Title Mart, or Mobile County vehicles.

Perhaps Franklin is going to start charging the county for storing her on a private stash of MCSO vehicles at her home.  Franklin has been storing the two MCSO horse trailers she purchased with taxpayer money at her home.  The Title Mart horse trailer that she may have paid for, the Title Mart truck that she may have paid for at her home, multiple horse blankets, saddles, clothing, belt buckles, cowgirl hats, and an array of jewelry that she purchased with posse funds and sheriff funds.  It is going to be hell to inventory all of her collections once she is incarcerated.

It is going to be interesting to see the amount of equipment, weapons, an array of other unaccounted for materials that belong to the sheriff's office once she is arrested.  How can it be proven?  Some of it can't because it was paid for with cash.  However, bank records don't lie.  We should be able to see each and every purchase made and then through a process of elimination determine what is and isn't accounted for.  We bet there are far more items not accounted for that will be accounted for.  New Break! Ana everything you purchased with MCSO money, posse funds, and discretionary funds belongs to the sheriff's office.  The inventory alone should rack up about 20 years or so.  With good behavior, you could be out in less time.

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