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Sunday, September 18, 2016

CORRECTION - Sheriff Ana Franklin you will support me, dn't you know who I am?

Sheriff Ana Franklin is pissed because her employees have backed off.  How can that support a no show sheriff.  Franklin is pissed that the Morgan Couty Fair is being supported by the Decatur Police Department this year.

We must ask Franklin what the heck she expects?  Franklin is never in the office.  She is pissed that many o her employees did not support her at the River Fest.  Ana here is a reason.  Who do you pay during the River Fest operation?  Livingston.

Livingston.  Livingston is the same POS that was double dipping last year at the Morgan County Fair.  Yes Ana we know that Livingston was paid by the Fair Committee and he was also paid by the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.

Franklin is damned mad because her troops no longer support her. Who has Franklin promoted since taking office?  The Berzett's, Livingston, the Goodwins, Bili, and Bones was promoted or placed in positions of power.  Folks, two o these folks are contractor.  They are not even employees of the MCSO.

Franklin promoted a few others to include folks like JP and Chad Smith, both are part of the Franklin thugamuffin group.  Kelso and Blake Robinson are both part of the thugamuffin group who will do anything Ana asked them to do.  Will any of the thugamuffins be willing to go to jail for a no show sheriff?  The answer to that question is yes.  Franklin has made it appoint to tell these folks to trust her.  She may be right.  I wish the teflon coating on cookware was as tough as Ana's teflon coating.

Franklin has recently been heard bragging about running for sheriff again because she has the support of the State Attorney General Luther Strange, Jeff Sessions, and  Arthur Orr.  Rumor has it that all of these folks are close friends with Barney the billable and his Federal Judge sister.   Sil Bailey has mentioned some of the elected officials on her facebook account.  Really Ana? most of us are tired of hearing about your fake connections.

We hear that Governor Bentley was too  busy with his own personal problems to pay much attention to what was going on else where in the state.  Folks, we here in Alabama and especially the folks who work for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office are all to familiar with Sheriff Ana Franklin as the no show sheriff.  We will be greatly disappointed if any of the folks we mentioned would give Franklin the time of day.

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