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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin trying to look all professional

Folks, Franklin is looking for an audience.  Franklin has spent most of her past 5 1/2 years roaming around the country on either the back end of a horse, jet setting to Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Colorado, and Lord only knows where else.

In the past week she has shown up for more publicity shots than anyone else in our county possibly could.

It is very hard to take Franklin seriously about any local, state, or national issues that arise because she has not been a sheriff in a long time.  She has lost the respect of the MCSO employees.  She has lost the respect of the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama, she has lost the respect of the local public officials, yet she, like the energizer bunny, keep on going.

We have gotten a lot of attention our our blog.  Our Google+ site now has over 664,845 views.  Somebody has taken an interest in what we have to say.

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