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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin and Her Lies on Mental Health

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Folks, we need help in the State of Alabama in dealing with getting assistance for the Mentally Ill both incarcerated and  in general.  Mental Health facilities have shut down due to lack of funding and other resources.  Our State Government should be held accountable for the lack of care for our mentally ill loved ones.  Sheriff Ana Franklin should be held accountable for her lies to the public.

The one thing that Franklin did tell the truth about is the fact that often times the mentally ill do get caught up in the judicial systems.  Franklin's lies started when she talks about the treatment she has for the mentally ill in the Morgan County jail, the 24X7 mental health professionals on duty, the mental health ward she has staffed for the mentally ill, and how she seeks to get the mentally ill assessments and treatment, and that she requests assessments for through the court systems.

Franklin is a lying hypocrite who refused to allow an outside Mental Health Advocacy Group from Tuscaloosa access to inspect the Morgan County Sheriff's Office Jail.  This after claiming that there are 87 mentally disabled inmates currently in the Morgan County Jail.

If Franklin is going to talk the talk she needs to walk the walk.

Please go back through the blog and research all the lies that Sheriff Ana Franklin has told in regards to the mentally ill who have been housed in the MCSO jail.

We understand that one of the nurses in MCSO clinic has over 500 complaints against them.

Did the agency that took over the medical facility under new contract donate $5,000.00 to the posse?

Why did a mentally ill inmate die after suffering for several weeks while begging  for help, he was not in the "mental health ward" the sheriff claims to have?  He died of septic poisoning and septic related causes.

Excerpts from the Decatur Daily:

By Briana Harris and Leah Cayson
The Decatur Daily,  Oct 5, 2015

Mentally ill patients becoming a burden for Ala. county jails

The only state-run mental hospital in north Alabama, the North Alabama Regional Hospital, closed in June

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office also is experiencing an increase in call volume dealing with mentally ill individuals.

Franklin said there is most definitely a correlation in substance abuse, crime and mental health.
“Well over half of the people in our facility now have substance abuse problems,” Franklin said. “They might have committed burglary, but because it was because they were strung out on meth or crack, they were trying to get money for their addiction.”

Once they are in jail, Franklin said they can be ordered to in-house drug treatment and sometimes drug treatment facilities.

“We are very lucky in our jail, we have a clinic inside our jail with 24/7 mental personnel that’s there,” Franklin said.

One issue with mental illness in jail is patients can refuse their medication in jail, she said.
“In a mental health hospital, they cannot refuse medication,” Franklin said. “They refuse treatment inside the jail.”

When inmates refuse treatment and medication, Franklin said, the next step is to go through the court system to have an assessment done to see if commitment to a state hospital is necessary.

Wait of 4-6 months

Franklin said the facilities are generally full and the wait is about four to six months. Until a hospital bed is available, inmates are put under direct supervision or placed in the medical wing in the clinic of the jail.

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