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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Private Message to the blogger

Two dispatchers who are not APOST have county owned take home unmarked vehicles with gas cards.  One is the Fleet Manager Ron Livingston's son in law.  Kelso and Powell both haave marked units.   Two chaplains have marked cars.  Every Jail Sergeant has take home cars. They are not APOST ( Certified Deputy ) legally capable of using a patrol car.  The mechanic at the shop and the jail maintenance guys have take home cars and gas cards.  Check out the Fair Standards Pay Act we could blow morgan county commissioners and the Sheriff out of the water on the pay issues if  we could get somebody who cares about us.

Blogger Comments:  

Folks, more fraud, waste, and abuse.  The amount of money being spent on these folks should be going to support the deputies who are short handed, under paid, and over worked with no overtime and are being told to limit their gas usage.  This is briefed in almost every staff call. 


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