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Friday, September 23, 2016

Ninety Nine percent of the good cops protect the one percent of the bad cops.  Why?  We believe that in Morgan County that number may be just a bit higher than around the country. 

Let's talk about the Morgan County Sheriff and her thugamuffins and thugamuffinettes.    They do not deserve even one percent of your protection.  Why would you protect the slugs that brought the MCSO down to the level it is at this point? Do you want to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution?  If you are an employee and you have kept your mouth shut about known corruption you are a part of the problem.  If you have sat back out of fear of losing your job you are a coward.  Look at the number of honest, hard working employees who have been forced out of the sheriff's office.  You could be next if you just happen to be on the s**t list of the day.

Folks, ignorance of the law is no excuse.  There is leaders within the sheriff's office right now who may not have been a part of the activity that has brought us here today.  However, if you know of misconduct and you did not report it, you are just as guilty as the offender.  You are law enforcement officers duly assigned to serve and protect.

It is a disgrace when we hear words such as, I have a family to feed, I can't afford to lose my job, Billy Bob is in sports, Suzy Que is a cheer leader, it cost money.  Come on, get real if you know corruption is happening you are as guilty as the person committing the crime unless you report it.  Don't hide behind others.

We want to rid Morgan County of corruption.  Let's do it together.  Tell us your story.  We are not into one sided relationships.

Be proud of you County and make us strong again.

The numbers seem to indicate that the percentage of cops that tend to run afoul of the law is around 1%.
While the cases make headlines, experts say the number of police officers who run afoul of the laws they’re sworn to uphold is low.
“We’re finding the numbers are pretty constant,” said Neal Trautman, executive director of the National Institute of Ethics and author of “How to be a Great Cop.” “It is less than 1 percent.”

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