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Sunday, September 11, 2016

More Pics tomorrow revealing vehicles sold by Steve Ziaja

Folks, we will be sharing multiple pictures tomorrow that Alabama Law Enforcement Agent Steven Ziaja posted for sale on his old Facebook account.  At this point we do not understand how he could have possibly performed the duties as an Alabama Law Enforcement Agent while working and or investing in not one but two used car dealerships.

We also understand that Steven Ziaja wrote a check from the Mackey auto sales and provided the check to Sheriff Ana Franklin to deliver to Billable Barney along with approximately $28,000.00 in cash to keep Greg Steenson from going to jail.   Steenson, he who cheated a widow woman out of money for her late husband's vehicles that was sold on the Title Part lot in Priceville.  What a guy Greg Steenson is.  It must be good to have folks in positions of power to help you out after you swindle a widow woman out of her money.  We must also thank Billable Barney for taking the money and checks from Sheriff Ana Franklin to give to the widow woman.  Does any of this seem strange to you folks out there in blog land?

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