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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mandatory Morgan County Sheriff's Office Staff Meeting - Corrected

Folks, Sheriff Ana Franklin called a mandatory staff meeting for Sergeants and above.  The standard Tuesday morning staff call was called off.  Mostly because Franklin could not make it into town from Mobile until later Tuesday afternoon.  We noticed Franklin made it into town in time to go to the fair with her grandchildren.  At least that is one priority she has in place.  Folks, as it turns out that was an old picture of ole Ana.  Maybe she didn't take her grandchildren to the fair.

As a civil servant Sheriff Franklin owes the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama and her employees the duty to build a viable structured institution to serve and protect our county.  Lollygagging around the state with another civil servant appointed to serve his own county does not constitute good leadership skills and dedication to duty.

If Franklin was part of the military institution she would not have made it past her first year in office.  She would have been fired for dereliction of duty.   I am building up to the rest of the story.

Sheriff Franklin's mandatory meeting finally occurred late yesterday afternoon.  The deputies had worked all day long pulling their shifts.  They deserve to be paid for the mandatory meeting.  The question is will that happen?  It hasn't happened before.  The sheriff has been willing to give the deputies flex time or compensatory time but no overtime.  The deputies do not want flex or compensatory time.  When would they be allowed to take  it?  The road deputies are short on staff as it is.

Sheriff Franklin has been living under a cloud of suspicion for years because of cheating her employees out of time worked.  Franklin, do the right thing and pay your employees for the time they have worked.  Many of the inmates out on work release are paid better than your deputies and they are drug dealers, traffickers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Now back to the meeting.  Sheriff Franklin gave a performance of a lifetime.  You can imagine the MCSO employees are sitting around the room, tired, hungry, frustrated, and resentful of the no show sheriff who makes cameo appearances to the sheriff's office to fluff her ego.  She did not disappoint the staff.  Franklin was a smoothing talking politician talking about the future.  The future of the sheriff's office.  The story depicted was a dream come true .... if it happens without the no show sheriff in charge.  If these long term employees didn't know the sheriff and her lies, deception, fraud, waste, and abuse they probably could support her vision.  The problem is that Franklin is living in a dream world with the Sally Fields response to an award she received on national television.  Actress Sally Fields was so shocked at receiving the award she made the comment "They loved me, they really, really loved me".  Ana that isn't the case.  Sally Field actually showed up for the part she played.  You don't.

You may have the beautiful brown eyes that Ziaja professes you have.  True beauty, honesty, sincerity, consciousness, and generosity all start from within.  You do not have that enter beauty that grows within most honest people who learn from an early age the strengths of hard work, ethics, morals, and working within the law.  The comparison between you and Hillary Clinton cannot be denied.  You are the worst of the worst politicians.  We have many politicians i.e., elected officials in out county and we can count on one hand the numbers of the crooked politicians.  You and Judge Howell.

Complaints against Greg Bartlett cannot compare to what the State Attorney General has allowed you to do to our county. 

Corruption from within a person must look like a cesspool.  Maybe that is why your brown eyes aren't made blue.

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