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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Judges and perception

Folks, most folks blame the judges for being light on crime but that doesn't happen her in Morgan County, Alabama.

The DA pushes for strong sentences for drug offenders such as traffickers, manufacturers, and distributors.  The sheriff's office catches the bad guys and gals, the DA prosecutes the bad guys and gals, and the judge sentences the bad guys and gals.  Everything is said and done and the bad folks go to the Department of Corrections and state prisons for their punishment.  That is correct in most cases.  However, we have case after case here in Morgan County that gets the special treatment of the Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.

William Daniel Moore, relationship with Sheriff is through Jonathan Stebbins family.  Jonathan Stebbins is the common-law son-in-law of Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Franklin hired Stebbins as a corrections officer while he was in jail in Limestone County, Alabama.  Check out previous blogs on Stebbins.

Timothy Alan Hall is the first cousin of the Derek Sheets, Sheriff Ana Franklin's lawful son-in-law.  Hall received 15 years for killing a man on a motorcycle.

According to Scottie Jones' relative, Ana is going to keep poor Scottie here at home and on work release so that he will be close to friends and family.  We haven't yet figured out the relationship between poor Scottie and Ana, but we will.

Scottie is a thug with a bad temper.  Scottie is dangerous and should not be on work release.  He has several assault charges.  He is a liability to Morgan County just as Timothy Ala Hall is, And William Daniel Moore was.

 Folks, Notice that poor Scottie Cain Jones is "on the way" to prison.  Well, if sheriff Ana Franklin has any say in it poor Scottie will be placed on a hold and and will see prison walls.  I did not get this from the family member but I am well aware of what Franklin did with Timothy Alan Hall.  Hall is out of jail on work release more than he is in jail.  What a deal?

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