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Saturday, September 24, 2016

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This is offered as is, an un-edited comment from an anonymous source.

Whistleblower, you have got to be kidding what your group has gotten yourself into.  You will never see Ana in jail.  She has manipulated people in power from Montgomery to the national level.  Give it a rest.  You do not know who you are dealing with.  Ask any of her previous friends.  When Ana is finished with you she will do everything in her power to destroy you. When Ana was married to Gordon is was horrible.  The cursing, fighting, biting, hair pulling mania was disgusting.  The divorce was an embarrassment for both sides of the family.  Ana acted out in court like she was on the Jerry Springer show.Ana moved on quickly to the next victim to fall prey to her charms.  She fell head over hills in love with Charley.  No not Charlie McNichol.  Charley the officers.  The relationship lasted long enough for Ana’s daughter to get pregnant by Charley.  Charley did the honorable thing and married Ana’s daughter.  Ana quickly moved her sights closer to home.  Hello! Steven Ziaja.  Franklin fell head over hills in love with Ziaja.  She met Steven while acting as a 10 dollar hooker on the streets and it was love at first sight.  That is until Ana became sheriff.  We all loved booger he was sweet, kind, and frugal.  He could pinch a penny into fourths.  He constantly talked about his investments, checked them on line, let Ana know he had money and the rest is history.  Ana used booger like a puppet on a string.  It was really sad.  Through relationship after relationship booger was always there for Ana.  He asked her to marry him.  He planned on giving Ana a family heirloom engagement ring handed to him.  Once Ana was elected as sheriff it was evident that she had no intention of marrying booger.  The playing field was too big.  Ana made it a point to become close to people she could control and use.  You talk about Luther Strange.  The whistleblower doesn’t know the half of it.  Ana would make it appoint to let his know who she was speaking to.  If it was the governor, Strange, Sessions, Bob Riley, Orr, you name it.  The same with the press.  Ana has her way.  After all you’re months of blogging you still haven’t figured out.  Ana sets her sights.  Once she has homed in on her prey she bounces.  Franklin has captured her prey before anyone knows what happened.  Once in the clutches of Ana’s hands you are like a puppet on a string.  Ana wants to know everything about you and more.  Ana will use everything in her power to focus on your weaknesses until she has you in her clutches.Ana has some very big weaknesses.  Her hunger for money, power, and beautiful things.  The things her family could never afford.  Ana destroyed booger.  Ana tried to destroy Gordon, Ana tried to destroy Charley, and Ana will destroy you.  If you only knew how much cash from posse events never made it past Ana, Larry and her favorites.

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