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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Escaped inmate from the Morgan County Jail

Folks what is wrong with this county?  Franklin is in Mobile; Berzett is in Rogersville; we have an escapee from the Morgan County Jail. Larry Berzett has been called in, but no Ana.  What is the correct protocol?  Has the warden been called?  We doubt it.  We called the jail to verify that a black male inmate is missing and at large.  The Morgan County Jail staff hung up on us.  Within five minutes of us calling the jail, a BOLO went out over 911 dispatch for the escapee.  We called Channel 48 news and they had heard nothing of an escapee.  What a surprise.  We called 911 dispatch. They could not verify anything and said that the report must come from Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  Really?  Isn't this public domain information?  What is wrong with this picture?  What about the citizens right to know?  Is the inmate armed, dangerous, or what?

Last but not least we called Sheriff Ana Franklin the no show sheriff.  She did not answer the call.  It will take Franklin at least six hours to get back to our county from Mobile, Alabama if that is truly where she is.

Last but not least about our crooked sheriff.  Yesterday at Frontier Days Sheriff Ana Franklin heard we were taking pictures of the inmates who had on orange caps but no trustee tee shirts.  She rushed back to the jail to get corrections office inmate tee shirts.  Sheriff Ana Franklin, if you are not doing anything wrong, why would you do that?

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